Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our FIRST Dessert.

It started today!! Wednesday, 16 June 2010.
Our first day at the "365 Days of Desserts".

We started this endeavour with a simple Rocky Road Ice Cream Cake from Good Housekeeping's Best-Loved Desserts. It is a simple five layer cake that took us roughly 45 to assemble, 2 hours to set, another 10 minutes to top, and then a good 6 hours to stand. Currently we are awaiting the 6 hour standing period waiting for the final product. When that happens, we will then update with a sample 'taste'ament. Now, how to make it:

First you need to start the fudge sauce that covers the cake.
This is made with the following ingredients:

1 cup of heavy or whipped cream (we used heavy whipping cream)
3/4 cup sugar
4 squares (4 ounces) unsweetened chocolate (we used 1/2 cup of semi sweet chocolate chips ... we're not sweet toothed :)
2 tbls light corn syrup
2 tbls butter or margarine (we used butter)
2 tsp vanilla extract

In a 2 quart sauce pan, heat the chocolate, whipping cream, sugar, corn syrup over medium heat. Stir occasionally until mixture boils. Once sauce thickens, (should take about 4 minutes) remove from heat and add butter and vanilla and stir until sauce is smooth and glossy. Cover sauce and refrigerate until cool, takes about 2 hours. Makes about 1 2/3 cup of sauce. (The extra can be used at a great ice cream topper.)

(If sauce is ever too firm, you can microwave briefly to soften, but DO NOT HEAT)

While that's cooling down, move on to the cake it's self.
It's ingredients are as listed:

2 pints Chocolate ice cream; softened
14 chocolate sandwich cookies (We used Oreos)
2 cups miniature marshmallows
1 cup salted peanuts, coarsely chopped

Using a 9x3 spring form pan with heavy duty foil lining it (we used a 9 inch round cake pan) spoon one pint chocolate ice cream into pan. Then insert cookies upright along edges of pan pressing cookies to the bottom of the pan through the ice cream. Sprinkle 1 cup marshmallows and 1/2 cup peanuts evenly over ice cream. Press in gently. Spoon the remaining ice cream over top of the marshmallows and nuts.

Right: The first Layer of Ice Cream

Left: The Cookies, Marshmallow and Nuts

At this point, take the previously made fudge sauce and pour 2/3 cup over the top layer of ice cream evenly (reserve remaining sauce to serve later if desired). Then use remaining chopped peanuts and marshmallows and evenly distribute over top of the fudge sauce. Cover and allow to re freeze until firm. Recommended time at least 6 hours.

Right: Putting the Fugde Sauce on. (We used extra)

Left: Our Finished product.

Now to let it sit for at least 6 hours, and then we will let our "panel" of judges ( a.k.a my family) and be back tomorrow with our 'taste'aments.

Signing Out-

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