Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Panels 'Taste'aments. Rocky Road Ice Cream Cake

So, we were able to taste our first and second desserts today! My family, mostly my dad, are Rocky Road ice cream lovers. I was a little worried as to if they would like this dessert because it wasn't "real" rocky road ice cream.

The census is that this dessert is definitally for the CHOCOLATE LOVER, it has a ton of chocolate. I also used a little to much Fudge sauce so we really had a lot of chocloate. This dessert is also not for a quick, I need it now, kind of dessert. I was definitally was glad we made our's at night and ate it the next day. It turned out wonderfully, if you have the time to wait all day!!!

So, all in all, this dessert get a 8 out of 10, we aren't very much of a "chocolate lover" kind of family.

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